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iOS 17: Seven new features

Apple WWDC 2023 developer conference” has been held, after the release of some new hardware, officially launched “iOS17, iPadOS17, macOS Sonoma” and other new versions of system updates. Still as usual we focus on what new features iOS 17 brings, and what iPhone models are supported to update.

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iOS 17 seven new features

1. New Contact Posters feature

With the new Contact Poster feature, you can now personalize the look of your contact card when you call someone. And when a call comes in, if a photo is set for the other party, a personalized caller card will also appear and the person will be displayed in layers.

Seven new features 1: New Contact Posters feature

2. Convert call message to text

If you don’t feel comfortable answering the phone after an incoming call, you can automatically convert the opposite voice into text, and then you can consider whether to answer the call based on the content of the call.

Seven new features 2: Convert Call message to text

3. SMS supports sticker function

SMS supports more functions, and users can store emoticons and photos as stickers.

Seven new features 3: SMS supports sticker function

4. Add NameDrop funktion

The function of exchanging contact information with touch is added, and the airdrop is enhanced. Even if the delivery distance is far away, the content will continue to be transmitted through the network.

Seven new features 4: Add NameDrop funktion

5. Horizontal charging screen display

When charging in landscape mode, you can turn off the screen to display the clock and other content, including personal photo collections, reminders, calendars, and more.

Seven new features 5: Horizontal charging screen display

6. Improve Siri

Instead of saying “Siri” with “Hey Siri,” you can now just say “Siri” and it will respond directly to you.

Seven new features 6: Improve Siri

7. Support model update

iOS 17 directly eliminates iPhone X and below models, and requires iPhone XR and above models to update iOS 17.

Seven new features 7: Support model update

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